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Amuleti Cinesi Collezione museo arte Cinese - E. Iurman
Amuleti Cinesi della Collezione del Museo
d'Arte Cinese ed Etnografico di Parma


Amuleti della collezione del Museo d'Arte Cinese ed Etnografico di Parma

Iurman Emilio


The volume “Amuleti della collezione del Museo d'Arte Cinese ed Etnografico di Parma” by E. Iurman introduces the symbols of Chinese culture found in the coin good-luck charms of the collection of the Museum of Chinese Art and Ethnography of the Xaverian missionaries in Parma. It is a novelty for Italy. The research done allows to understand better these charms, and at the same time, enter more deeply into the Chinese culture.

Discover the charm of Chinese symbols, with a total of 111 Chinese good-luck charms against evil spirits, for the Zodiac year, for good-luck, long-life, wealth, etc…
In ITALIAN. Pages 64, illustrated. Price: € 15.


Other Publications


Chinese Ceramics

Ye Zhemin

This volume collects the lectures prof. Ye Zhemin held during his stay in Europe. Preface of Prof. Stefania Stafutti, of the University of Turin, and introduction by Fr. Augusto Luca. The lectures are illustrated by 80 pages in full color, with comments on the topics covered.
Edition in ENGLISH or in ITALIAN.
Pages 145, with 80 full-color photographs. Price: € 10.

Kayapò: Il popolo che venne dall'acqua

Trevisan R., Iurman E.

The volume contains the catalog published on the occasion of the exhibition on the Kayapò people in the year 2002. The book presents the "Kayapò", a people who live in Northern Brazil, and their works of art, covering the everyday life, with its beauty and refinement, the cycles of life, and their sense of belonging and survival.
Pages 120, with photographs of original artifacts. Price: € 12.

La collezione numismatica del Museo d'Arte Cinese ed Etnografico

Iurman E., Santelli G.

The book presents a collection of Chinese coins, put together by the Xaverian missionaries who worked in China. It contains interesting notes on the making, materials, inscriptions and value, history and explanations.
Pages 54, illustrated. Price: € 12.

Cina - Immagini di un tempo remoto



Images of China, between 1900 and 1950, "told" by an exceptional photographic documentation. Visions of China of yesteryear with the eyes and the camera lenses of the Xaverian Missionaries.
Pages 190. Price: € 15.

Le Fonti del Sacro nell'Arte Africana

Clementine M. Faik-Nzuji

Without diminishing the aesthetic values of the objects of traditional African art, this book aims to place these artistic creations in their natural context in which they were produced, and essentially explain their social and religious context.
Pages 70, with photos. Price: € 12.

CD - La Ceramica Jun

Rastelli S., Repetti G., Ri Enseki Hancock

A CD in Italian and English on the “Jun shards”, found in the Museum's collection, composed by Savina Rastelli, Associate Professor of East Asian Art History at the University Ca' Foscari of Venice.
CD book. Price: € 15.