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Liao Dynasty



Emp. Daozong coin - Dynasty Liao (1085-94) Bronze
Coin Emp. Daozong  
Liao Dynasty (Period 1085-1094)  

At the time of the Five Dynasties and during the Song dynasty, the whole North of China was ruled by the Liao Dynasty (907-1125), also known as Khitan Empire, followed by the Jin dynasty, of Jurchen origin (1125-1234).

The Liao Dynasty ruled over the regions of Manchuria, Mongolia and northern China, although the first ruler Khan Abaoji only proclaimed the empire in 916. Not possessing a writing, the Khitan empire introduced a system of writing in 920 ("Khitan large script") and 925 ("Khitan small script") based on the phonetic transcription of their language.

Also in this period, the ceramic industry adapts to the needs of the new dynasty, with the creation of three-color glazed "Liao sancai," imitations of the products of the kilns of Cizhou, and white ceramics manufacturing Ding.

The powerful kingdom of Liao was destroyed from the North by the Jurchen people of the Jin Dynasty in 1125.



Liao Dynasty
907 - 1125


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