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Jin Dynasty



Green-glazed stoneware (celadon) "yue" Jar - Eastern Jin, IV-V century
Green-glazed (celadon) "yue" Jar  
Eastern Jin (317-420)  

After the bloody battles during the period of the Three Kingdoms, the Jin Dynasty succeeds the Wei Kingdom, reunifying China with a feudal regime in 280. At the beginning of the third century, the dynasty was divided into the Western Jin (265-316), with capital Luoyang and Chang'an, and the Eastern Jin (317-420) with capital Jiankang (today's Nanjing).

The craft sector that saw the highest development during this period was the production of celadon, especially in the furnaces of Yixing, Shaoxing, Yuhang and Diqing. The ceramic celadon uses a green or blue glaze similar to the color of jade, considered the sacred stone.



Jin Dynasty
265 - 420