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Cultures in Comparison

The Art of Learning in three continents


The exhibition Cultures in Comparison at Museo d'arte cinese etnografico, Parma
The exhibit 2014 "Cultures in Comparison"

The new exhibition at the Museum of Chinese Art and Ethnography helps discover common values in cultures, with some original techniques and displays, and some colorful and attractive materials.

Not only schools and classes, but also every visitor will feel more at ease in the multicultural society in which we live.


  • Discover the Lega people, of the Congo, who use the “Cord of Wisdom” (Mutanga) associated with proverbs.
  • In Latin America, the Kayapò people of Northen Brazil teach through body painting, ornaments, weapons and other artifacts.
  • Since ancient times, the Chinese people showed much attention to knowledge and teaching, and in this exhibit through the exemplary stories and important figures in Chinese history.


The exhibition "Cultures in Comparison" is a journey of intercultural interest: the great ideals and values of all human societies.


For schools and classes, tours must be booked and are guided. Our space at the museum allows for groups of about 20 children, with the same opening hours. Contact us at 0521-257.337.