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“EXPOniamo anche Noi” - “The EXPO and Us”

Feed the planet, beyond food, let’s talk about waste


The exhibition The EXPO and Us, Feed the planet, beyond food, let’s talk about waste at Museo d'arte cinese etnografico, Parma
Kita, the Good Hunter
Video of an African tale

The newest exhibit entitled “EXPOniamo anche Noi” - “The EXPO and Us” was inaugurated December 12 with a talk by Prof. Aluisi Tosolini, director of the High School Attilio Bertolucci, Parma, and associate of CEM Mondialità (monthly magazine on global education).

The exhibit 2014-2015, with objects and photos of various countries of the world that the museum has collected in its 113 years of existence, and with educational videos, follows the multicultural approach of the museum of Chinese Art and Ethnography of the Xaverian Missionaries, targeting schools of every kind and degree.

The theme of Expo 2015Feed the Planet, Energy for Life” reflects the tradition established in this museum and the work that the Missionaries have always brought forward: feeding Peoples as giving material food as well as nurturing the culture. With this project, we wish to emphasize the following themes: Nature that nurtures and teaches, nature that needs to be preserved, the superfluous and waste, the bread of culture ...

The exhibit “The EXPO and Us” is open Tuesday through Saturday, 9:00am-2:00pm, for the entire school year.


For schools and classes, tours must be booked and are guided. Our space at the museum allows for groups of about 20 children, with the same opening hours. Contact us at 0521-257.337.