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Exhibit 2016: Creation, Common Good

Care for planet, Laudato Si', on our common home


Ben Said and the owl, motion graphics by Gabriel Arroyo
"Ben Said and the Owl"
Video of an African tale

Saturday, January 16 we gave the green light to the 2016 exhibit entitled "Creation, Common Good".

The exhibit "Creation, Common Good" is based on the encyclical of Pope Francis “Laudato Si’'' on the care of our common home. Ecology needs to become a new paradigm of justice, because nature is not a "mere frame" of the human life.

Our museum offers images, objects, phrases, new and ancient artifacts, for visitors, schools and groups, to reflect on the beauty of nature, the need to overcome the culture of waste, and to promote human ecology. We know: we are wasteful!

The new educational video, such as "Ben Said and the Owl" or the new multi vision "The Legend of the Rainbow" affirms the theme of multicultural approach of the museum of the Xaverian Missionaries, that targets schools of every kind and degree. We wish to emphasize the following themes: Nature that nourishes, nature that teaches us, nature to cherish, the beauty of the creation, and caring for our common home.

The exhibit “Creation, Common Good” is open Tuesday through Saturday, 9:00am-2:00pm, for the entire school year.


For schools and classes, tours must be booked and are guided. Our space at the museum allows for groups of about 20 children, with the same opening hours. Contact us at 0521-257.337.