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MonDIdattica: Open to schools


MonDIdattica al Museo d'Arte Cinese ed Etnografico
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In their desire to promote continuing education open to the world and to cultures, the Xaverian missionaries have edited a number of publications for children and for the school, since the early 1920s: “Voci d’Oltremare” (Voices from Overseas), "Didattica Missionaria” (Teaching Mission), “Squilla” (Ringing), which told the stories of the worlds, customs and traditions of distant peoples.

The old logo of VOM (catchy and revisited in modern graphics) imagined a world in which children representing the five continents ran together, as to take possession of the world. This icon was indebted to the ideas of the time. The profound significance, however, was clear: the world belongs to everyone, and every generation makes treasure of it so as to hand it down to the future generations.

The museum makes treasure of the old vision of the Xaverian history, and it offers opportunities for visits of students and schools, with a teaching method more attentive to the world. Thus, the logo shows its educational proposal: "Mondidattica" (World Didactic).