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The Museum sums up the work of the Xaverian Institute in the field of culture, its commitment to the enhancement of the great religious and cultural traditions, its commitment in favor of Mother Earth, and the global community.
It is a museum with a strong international identity, of sure impact, because of the priceless works of art, and the modern architectural solutions and exhibits.

The Museum of Chinese Art and Ethnography of Parma began in 1901. At the conclusion of the Universal Exhibit of Turin (1898), Senator Fedele Lampertico donated some valuable pieces to Bishop Conforti, Bishop of Parma and founder of the Xaverian Institute. From that donation to the museum, other objects of Chinese art from the missionaries were added, in order to raise awareness on Chinese culture, much unknown and foreign to many in Parma and in Italy. To that first collection of objects of art and ethnography from China, other pieces were added, of predominantly ethnographic interest, from the other regions of the world were the Xaverians are present: Japan, Indonesia, Brazil, Mexico, Africa, etc.

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Museo d'Arte Cinese ed Etnografico
Missionari Saveriani
Viale S. Martino 8
43123 Parma, PR

Admission: free donation.
Hours: Tuesday-Saturday, 9:00am-2:00pm.
Group visits, with reservation, even in the afternoon until 5:00pm.

Closed: Sunday, Monday, and holidays.

Tel. 0521-257.337
Fax  0521-960.603

The Museum does not perform appraisals and consulting.