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Coins Collection


The Rossi-Scalzi coin collection - Anim. Pierpaolo Pessini


Although little known, the Museum has a collection of more than 5,000 Chinese coins divided into four groups that complement each other and whose name is due to the various collectors of coins: the “Bonardi Red”, a collection of over 1,400 pieces; the “Bonardi Blue” with over 600 pieces; the “Rossi-Scalzi” collection, on display at the museum, with 1,300 coins; and finally the “Grazzi” collection which includes over 3,000 pieces. The work of cataloging has allowed us to eliminate worn out or broken coins, as well as duplicates.

All this vast collection was put together in Henan and Shanxi in the period 1904-1942, and the words of Prof. Serafino Ricci attest to rarity and richness of this collection: “It is one of the best existing collections of Chinese coins, because of its rarity, variety, and the richness of the oldest pieces of which it is composed."

The “Rossi Scalzi collection” is exhibited at the Museum, held in an elegant, ingenious, hand-painted wood container built in China.

A touch-screen monitor is dedicated for the fans of numismatics, who will be able to navigate through 400 screenshots of Chinese coins, which includes most emperors and dynasties of China, until the birth of the Second Republic of China (1949).