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Collection of Ceramics


Jar, Glazed earthenware - Dynasty Tang (618-907)
Jar, Glazed earthenware
Tang Dynasty (618-907)

The art of ceramics was perhaps the most important expression of Chinese art. While objects of bronze, jade, and even paintings were reserved for the privileged, ceramics were the domain of all peoples, and it spread throughout the world. Nothing is as famous as Chinese ceramics.

Porcelain is one of the greatest discoveries of the Chinese people. Over seven thousand years ago, the artisans of various ethnic Chinese groups were already able to produce colorful pottery, functional and attractive in appearance. Since then, they continued to produced pottery of all kinds, which have a high artistic level, and well-defined style, typically Chinese.

Both the ceramics and its production were later brought outside China, thus making the production of ceramics, one of the great gifts that this society has given to the world.