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Bronze Collection


Vaso hu vessel for the conservation of wine - Song Dynasty (960-1279)
Hu Vessel for Wine Conservation
Song Dynasty (960-1279)

Art is one of the most effective ways to describe or document a civilization. This statement is true when it comes to the production of bronze objects in China. We know that the art of bronze flourished in China in times much later than those of the West. What is amazing is the fact that it almost immediately reached high quality levels, without going through the infant stages, with levels of technique and style superior to those of any other people in the Near East or in the Mediterranean basin.

For the Romans, the bronze was a yardstick of eternity. They used to say "ere perennius", or "more lasting than bronze." As we come to know the bronze artifacts that China has produced over thousands of years, we come to know the soul, the sense of mystery, the standards of beauty and the desire to transcend time.