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Activities 2015 - Schools

Pics of a few classes who visited the museum in 2015


The theme of EXPO, Feeding the Planet, Energy for Life, has brought many classes to our exhibit “The Expo and Us”. Among the various aspects of these visits, much appreciated by the schools were the African tale “Kita, the Good Hunter” (Kita, il Cacciatore Buono), and the documentary on Fr. Tonino Melis, “The man who searches for Words” (L’Uomo che cerca Parole). This exhibit highlighted the following themes: nature that nurtures and teaches, nature that needs to be preserved, the superfluous and waste, the bread of culture.

We thank the many teachers and professors who brought their classes to our museum, and those who continued their reflection with workshops in their classes. Thanks!


For schools and classes, tours must be booked and are guided. Our space at the museum allows for groups of about 20 children, with the same opening hours. Contact us at 0521-257.337.