Museum of Chinese Art and Ethnography Xaverian Missionaries - V.le S. Martino, 8 - Parma, Italy 0521-257.337

Activities 2015 - Events

Main events of 2015 at our museum in Parma


Lots of events in 2015, and the most attended was “Kuminda 2015, the Right to Food”, with its show within the museum entitled “The Good Food”, enacted by 25 women from diverse cultures. Our museum was also host of a press conference on the Masks of Italy in Parma, and a special exhibit on “Ligustro, Painter of the floating world (Ukiyo-e)”, a personal exhibition of Giovanni Berio, the “Western Hokusai”. Another event was the conference of “the Silk Road”, presented by prof. Giuseppe Vignato. Thanks to all who attended these events!